Transformational Effectiveness Leadership Solution

by Dr. Doreen McGunagle

With the help of this type of leadership, considerable positive changes take place among the followers. The transformational leader boosts the morale, performance and motivation with various mechanisms, such as connecting the sense of identity and self of the followers with the mission and identity of the organization, inspiring the followers as a role model, challenging followers to take up the responsibility of their work, determining the strengths and weaknesses of the followers for aligning them with tasks according to their performance.

The elements that are provided by transformational leadership are individualized consideration, wherein the leader attends to each follower’s needs and communicates with them individually; intellectual stimulation, wherein the leader encourages creativity and independence in the followers; inspirational motivation, wherein the leader creates an appealing and inspiring vision for the followers; and idealized influence, wherein the leader acts as a role model instilling highly ethical behavior, pride, respect and trust.

In transformational leadership, the leader chases success along with you while motivating your passion and energy towards the given task. A vision or so-called “dream” is created by the leader to encourage the followers to pursue their goals. The leader sets an example for his followers by acting appropriately to achieve the goals. He inspires his followers to sustain commitment and not drift away from their goals while creating a balance of attention between the progress and mental state of the followers.

The followers also become the product of transformation while the leader attempts to transform the organization. Transformational leadership is carried out with charisma that motivates positively with enthusiasm. The leader is basically concerned with the individual success of his followers.

Transformational leadership is another form of leadership, apart from charismatic leadership, that gathers their followers through style and personality. As it is used to move a group in a new direction, it was initially based as business leadership. Such leaders not only inspire but they also stimulate individuals to think differently, think out-of-the-box while their needs are taken care of by the leader. You need to be more energetic and enthusiastic as a transformational leader, in order to avoid people falling asleep while you preach. With good content and integrity, you can present change to your people while imparting inspiring speeches that may improve the communication gap between the follow and the leader.

Interaction is important as the transformational leader may apply ideas of the followers themselves while chasing a goal. Transformational leadership comes through awareness of what is good, bad or unimportant for enhancing the needs of the people with motivation. You can succeed as a transformational leader when you influence the idea, conviction, example and extraordinary ability to mobilize your followers to make things work accordingly.

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Doreen McGunagle, Ph.D. assists mid market organizations improve international growth by assisting with global strategy management. GSMS is an organizational development consulting firm focusing on leadership effectiveness.


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