Leadership Coaching: Grow The Seed Of Leadership Courage

by Mike Krutza


It Starts With A Vision

Thinking about the word “leader”, is there a certain person you see in your mind? Gandhi? Martin Luther King? Mother Theresa? Buddha? Or is it a favorite character in a book or movie? Maybe even your boss or a prominent community figure. Or your parent and other relatives. Do you see yourself as well?

Do you see yourself as a leader? This is the most important question. If your answer happens to be a “no”, then maybe you should reevaluate your thoughts. The concept of “being a leader” is typically attached to someone having done or doing something special. Yes, leaders usually do that, however, it is not always the case. Circumstances bring out the leader in a person. Leadership education also equips one with the right knowledge and skills to lead. Then again, a lot of people haven’t had the opportunity to be exposed in situations to practice their leadership. Education in leadership can sometimes mean that a student simply paid for the course and reiterated what the professor said, too. Without these means, what thus creates a leader?

Fueled By Desire

It actually does not matter whether it is at home, at work or in school, but the desire to make a difference and the willingness to take action is a manifestation of leadership. It may sound like an all too common line, but the first step to becoming a leader is the desire to make something better, to endeavor to create or carry out something worthy. Some people have this calling for leadership early in life, while for many people, the desire to lead evinces later. And that’s when they take the first step. Leadership is a gift to some people and it is their inherent characteristic. Leading comes as naturally for them as breathing. For others, nonetheless, it may take some outrage to push them towards creating change.

Nurture The Seed Of Courage

It takes courage to become a leader. It begins with the self wherein one has clarified their values and has mustered the courage to act on and realize those values. Courage is an essential element in leadership. Without courage, all the other noble values of leadership cannot come to life.

Leadership has a vision of what it wants to achieve in the future. It sees the bigger picture, but begins with small steps. Just like planting, the seed of courage in a leader is nurtured until it takes roots and burgeons into a sturdy and elegant leadership courage that creates change and paves the way to realize a worthy cause.


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