Make Money in a Tough Economy by Writing Self-Help Books

Self-Help Books

by Carmen Berry, Writing Coach

Are you one of the millions of other Americans (10% actually) who have lost their jobs due to this crazy economic nightmare?

Do you own your own business and are afraid your company won’t make it through this time?

Are you a service provider and can’t find enough paying clients to cover your expenses?

Then I’ve got some great news for you! You can take this opportunity to write a self-help book proposal and get a publishing contract! You really can do this. And I’ll tell you why.

Self-help books sell in any economy, even in the one we’re going through right now. In fact, self-help books sell especially well in this economy. Why? Because when people lose their jobs, their homes and their dreams well, it gets their attention. What worked before won’t work now. They start looking for new and innovative solutions to these new and confusing problems. Each twist in our ever-changing world creates even more ways people need help (how to use the Internet, create a web site or self-publish your self-help book.) Sales might fall off in other genres, but self-help books are still bought by the millions.

In times like these, it is all the more critical than ever to stand out from the crowd so that you can attract the clients and customers you want for your business. As long as you are unpublished, your primary source of new clients or customers is limited to referrals from current or past clients, and colleagues in your area. And if you advertise, you already know how much ad space costs!

With a published book with your name on it, you have an expanding network of readers who learn of your expertise. Having significantly benefited from your book, your readers can recommend it (and your services) to their friends and colleagues. Why? Because now you are a published expert!

Enjoying a marked increase in the number of people interested in your services is not the only financial advantage of becoming a published author. In addition, new streams of income can develop through speaking engagements and trainings you provide. Of course, it’s important to mention that you’ll also be receiving royalties from your book sales! While economic experts argue about the benefits and dangers of investing in the stock market, you have the opportunity to invest in yourself  the best investment you have!

We all know that a published book is one of the most powerful business tools available. A book in hand validates your expertise and credibility with colleagues and clients alike. What stands in between you and your first published book? For many aspiring authors the problem is as simple as not knowing how to turn their innovative ideas into lucrative book publishing deals. They don’t know where to start or how to professionally package their ideas.

Let me tell you one more benefit of writing self-help books you get to help thousands of people! The goal of a self-help book is to help people solve their problems. You can’t say that about any other kind of book. Fiction and other non-fiction books are written to entertain and inform. But self-help books are written to give people new insight and skills so that their lives will be greatly improved.

They want to know how to feed their families on a budget, how to re-package themselves to land a new job, how to invest their savings during a time of uncertainty, how to get a great deal on children’s clothing, how to enjoy themselves when there’s little money in the bank. These issues are added to all of the usual things people want to know like how to face tough life transitions and enjoy the good ones (planning a wedding, having a baby, buying a first home.) The list goes on and on and on.

I personally love being a self-help book writer for this reason. I have contributed to the lives of millions of people through my books, something I suspect you would like to do too. If you’re ready to help people on a massive scale and also contribute to your own bank account, writing self-help books may be perfect for you.

About the Author

I am a writing coach for people who want to write self-help books and memoirs. I base my coaching on being a NY Times bestselling author with 21 published books. I believe that you have a message no one else can deliver–one that is based in your life experiences. If you want to write a book that helps people, I want to help you write your book. For a free copy of my e-workbook, How to Make Your Hook Sizzle and Sell, please go to Free E-Workbook



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